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Handan Bus Operation Record: New Energy Vehicles All Use LTO Battery

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Date:2017-06-30  Article Source:

With the increase of haze, the city bus is developing with the concept of fast, convenient, safe, environmentally friendly, "green bus" becomes inevitable, the new energy bus has become the first choice for the development of urban public transport. In recent years, many areas are constantly increasing investment in new energy buses, Hebei Handan Public Transport Corporation (referred to as: Handan bus) work out of a new energy development way on their own, and has entered virtuous circle, affecting the entire industry.

Handan bus purchased 1000 Yinlong new energy buses with LTO batteries, realizing the coverage of main urban area in Handan, accounting the first in China. On January 6th, 2017, Chinabuses.com has been to Handan, Hebei to understand the actual usage condition of new energy vehicles for Handan Bus.

New Energy Vehicles, We Only Choose Yinlong

Xu Shixin, division head of Technology Department of Handan Bus introduced: "on October 18th, 2013, Handan bus started to use the first batch of 20 Yinlong new energy buses with LFP battery. It was found that the range of LFP battery in the North during winter is attenuated severely, and the battery life and safety do not match with the bus requirements; in 2014, through technical certification and recommendation, Handan Bus has selected 200 Yinlong new energy vehicles with LTO batteries and